Dog Training Methods

Woofters concentrates on basic obedience above all

Which Dog Training Methods Produce the Best Results?

Dogs generally become valued additions to their human families. They provide companionship and love that lasts a lifetime but, at times, their behavior can be challenging. It's an established fact that countless dogs are surrendered to shelters every year because of what are perceived to be behavioral problems.

Animal experts routinely point out that proper training could prevent the majority of the behaviors cited as reasons for giving up pets. The question then becomes, which training methods work best?


At Woofter's Top Dog, we employ a balanced method of positive, negative, and correction based reinforcement. Our firm, but kind, training methods  provide the best results for our clients.

Traditional "Old School" Training Methods

In the past, the philosophies related to training centered on activities that, more or less, forced dogs to conform to the trainer's wishes. Those Dog Training Methods focused on dominating the dog to force obedience.

In other words, the trainer became the alpha, demanding capitulation by the dog. While that does, to some extent, work, it has been proven to be the least desirable training strategy for dogs.

Modern Training Methods Improve Outcomes

Newer strategies encourage trainers to explore other options rather than focusing on dominating the dog. In fact, there are three basic strategies commonly used today. They include positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and correction based.

Our promise to clients is that the training at Woofter's Top Dog will correct behavioral issues most commonly seen by the dogs' families.

What Types of Behavioral Issues Can Be Corrected?

There are several problems that lead to frustrations and poor relationships between dogs and their families. With proper training, any of the issues can normally be resolved. That means dogs and their families will enjoy each other more and form stronger, longer-lasting relationships. So, what are those common problems?

Woofter's Top Dog helps correct poor socialization

Poor Socialization.

Dogs often don't really know how to relate to other animals or humans outside of their families. They may become aggressive or show signs of anxiety in some settings. With proper training, those issues are generally alleviated.

Watch this Social Anxiety Exercise

Woofter's Top Dog trains all basic obedience

Won't Obey Basic Commands.

Dogs don't automatically understand how they are expected to respond to commands. It takes time and patience to train any animal, and dogs are certainly no exception to that rule.

See Basic Commands in Action

Woofter's Top Dog belives in good off-leash manners

Poor Leash Manners.

Again, without practice, dogs do not know what is expected of them. Pulling on a leash is common, but proper conditioning can eliminate the issue, making walks far more enjoyable for both the handler and the dog.

Witness this Dog's Improvement

Woofter's Top Dog trains threshold manners

Threshold Manners are Important.

Virtually all dog owners have experienced reluctance when they've tried to get a dog to enter a car, a building, or kennel. It's normal for a dog to be reluctant to enter an unfamiliar area or one that's not their favorite place to be. With proper training, those issues can be eliminated.

Learn Why Being Calm Can Help Your Pup.

Your Dog Will Be Good Hands

Learn about the man behind it all and how JD Woofter can help your dog while caring for them as if they were own.

How Does the Training Work?

Different trainers have different ideas of how to best proceed, but we've obtained solid results with Board Training. Our Board & Train systems are successful because we work with the dogs extensively for a pre-determined period of time.


At Woofter's Top Dog, we have two-week and one-month programs available where we concentrate on Positive Reinforcement Training coupled with Negative Reinforcement Training to help every dog learn rules and boundaries that improve their behaviors.


To enhance your relationship with your dog, contact us today to find out how we can help.

Woofters Top Dog using a balanced combination of training methods

All types of behaviors can be modified with training, and no dog should be considered too "bad," too big or too small, or too dumb to learn. And, no breed should be considered untrainable. We work with all types of dogs and have seen dramatic changes in their behaviors.

At-Home Focused Training Sessions

100.00 per hour
  • Focused Training Session
    Each session will be focused around a specified behavioral problem(s)

2 Week
Board & Train

1,200.00 for 2-weeks
  • Leash Manners
    Walk peacefully with your dog walking nicely at your side without pulling
  • Basic Commands
    Happily know your dog will know the basic commands such as sit, down, & come-when-called

4 Week
Board & Train

2,200.00 for 4-weeks
  • Basic Commands
    Happily know your dog will know the basic commands such as sit, down, & come-when-called
  • Leash Manners
    Walk peacefully with your dog walking nicely at your side without pulling
  • Threshold Manners
    Feel relaxed when exiting and entering all thresholds with your dog. (home, crate, car, etc.)
  • Social Manners
    Enjoy being around new people, animals, places, and things without your dog lunging, charging, jumping, barking, or growling
  • Off-Leash Freedom
    Trust your dog off-leash to behave properly and not wander too far

Ready to Start Training?

We will help you determine how to help your dog and find the best method to help them learn what they need to do.